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"Either you run the day, or the day runs you."

Jim Rohn

"My Goal Was Simple.....To Take My Children To & From School Each Day."

When I was young, I loved my dad, but he was always working. I would take myself off to school in a morning and come back to an empty house after school (start playing the violins ha ha). So when I had children, one of my personal goals was to be able to take them to and from school every day. I wanted to be able to go to every school play, watch every church service and attend every sports day. This is why I created my 10 Step Time Mastery System™ which will give you the strategies you and your team can just turn on and start benefitting from today.


"I went from working ridiculous hours and constantly being distracted with interruptions, to getting myself and my leadership team working much smarter. But that wasn't the best part. The best part was that I was able to spend much more time at my holiday home with my family. That's what it's all about for me."

Chris Dear

Previous Owner of Network Waste

"I literally went from one day, feeling totally overwhelmed, to the next, feeling in total control. I remember a week later taking the day off work to go clothes shopping which, is something I'd have never done before."

Anna Elkington

Owner of Melody Maison



  • WEEK 1 | SET YOUR GOALS - We always suggest you work through the videos to understand the content and how you want to best use them with your staff. You also have to complete SECTION 1 so that you know what you want to get out of it personally.
  • WEEK 2 | MINDSET TRAINING - All of your team set aside 1 hour to watch all of the SECTION 2 videos. This will significantly address their mindset about Time Mastery and will instantly change the way they think about what they do....FOREVER. You will get the value out of this course in this one module.
  • WEEK 3 | REMOVE INTERRUPTIONS - This is 20 minute module for your entire team and will help them to remove interruptions from their day, starting with a biggy.
  • WEEK 4 | SET LONG TERM GOALS - Every department needs to know where they're heading if they're going to be efficient. You might think you already know this, but this training normally proves that you don't. This is a 30 minute module.
  • WEEK 5 | IMPLEMENT KAIZEN - This is how you are all going to start achieving greater results consistently and sets your entire business on the most successful path any business can take. 20 minutes.
  • WEEK 6 | REWARD PLANNING™ - This shows you why normal planning doesn't work and how to get it right using military thinking. Includes editable REWARD PLANNING™ SHEETS. Takes 20 minutes.
  • WEEK 7 | DEVELOP POWER SCHEDULES - Here your entire team will gain greater clarity about what they need to do and when. Includes all documents. This can be a 30 minute or 1 hour module.
  • WEEK 8 | PLAN EVERY DAY - You and your team will be introduced to a new discipline that will get them achieving far more...quicker. You'll be eating frogs for breakfast I promise. Includes editable Daily Battleplans. Take 30 minutes.
  • WEEK 9 | ESTABLISH WEEKLY POWER MEETING - Meetings are toxic unless you do them like this. This will maintain momentum for you and your team. Takes 20 minutes.
  • WEEK 10 | PRODUCE CHECKLISTS - You & your team will learn how to increase consistency and how to begin to free up headspace around key tasks. Staff normally hate this at first and then after about two weeks they love it. 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • WEEK 11 | OUTSOURCE EVERYTHING - Let me introduce you to resources that so few people use and could accelerate everything for you and save you a lot of pain. 30 minutes.
  • WEEK 12 | AUTOMATE EVERYTHING - This is a huge subject but I will show you the first step which most people leave out. This could potentially transform your entire business because of what it can lead on to. 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Likewise, this course could be run over 12 months, 12 days or you could smash it out of the park in 1 intense day of immersive learning. This course is designed to work around you and your team's schedule. AND you can go over it again and again!!!

"This course is packed with gems. Some of what you will learn will challenge you. But everything you learn will be like light bulbs going on, one after another. And at the end, you will feel way more in control and the goals you're working towards will begin to feel much closer."

Ben Hunter

Owner of Mini Kicks



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James is founder of the GoProposal Academy, author of The Pink Tie Principle & recognised as being the UK's leading business coach for small businesses. Graduating with a Masters Degree in Innovative Design, James was hailed by the Design Council of Great Britain as being one of the top most innovative people in the UK. Working across a vast range of design disciplines, as well as teaching Art in Prisons and being a close-up magician, James found his real passion in helping & inspiring businesses and individuals to become the very best they can be. Read his blog at JamesAshford.com