(Previously called Growth Mindset Training)

A 10 day positive programming course to help businesses and individuals to change their mindset so they can better navigate the challenges they face.

"No fancy "mind tricks" just good, strong, logical and practical tools to get your mind focused, improve yourself, improve your team, grow your business and build a better life! 1000% recommend!"

Kieran Phelan

Cloud 360 Accountants

"The course is amazing! I regularly watch great motivational speakers and this course is totally HATS OFF - fabulous.  True original real content and delivered with such a passion - and simplistic in bite sizes and with logic"

Olivia Ney

SA & CO Accountants

"Everything Is Built On Mindset....Your Leadership Team's, Your Staff's & Yours."

I can give you the precise map with exact instructions that will take you from where you are now, to where you want to be. But if your staff's mindset, your leadership team's mindset or YOUR mindset doesn't align with that map, you'll never get there. The Practical Positivity Course teaches over 12 key Power Principles which, when taught in quick succession, creates the most rapid breakthrough in your thinking, which leads to rapid breakthroughs in your business.


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"Make no mistake, you will watch this and make changes to the way you live and work right TODAY. I've watched it twice and am planning on watching it again!"

Stephen Edwards

Cheltenham Tax Accountants


These are some of the key Power Principles you will learn...

  • The Power of Focus is one of the core, foundational Power Principles. If you can master this, you can learn to take control of any and every situation, and use it as a spring board for growth.
  • The Power of Questions is a powerful foundational power principle to put in place and I would consider it to be the keystone. It locks all of the other power principles into place and is used to support all of the other power principles which are built on top of it.
  • The Power of Resourcefulness is awesome. When I talked about rocket-fuelled power principles, this is one of them. It will give you the power to keep driving forwards at all costs UNTIL you arrive at your destination. Be unreasonable. Be relentless. Be resourceful.
  • Become A Treasure Hunter I need to get your mind fertile and ready to accept the following ideas. I also need you to start to understand where you want to get to and up until now, why you haven't got there yet.
  • Remove The Limits Understand how high you can grow and remove the limits you've imposed on your business and yourself.
  • Above The Line Thinking I love this lesson because I introduce a wonderful power principle that will really help you to start driving things forward AND it's where we start getting the rest of your team on board. And if you can crack that, you win!!!
  • Attract Success This lesson is so exciting, especially if you've never been introduced to this concept before. It is.....the Power of Attraction. This is a very powerful force that has been affecting your life, with or without your knowledge, with or without your permission. Let me help you to harness it.
  • Power Up Your Questions Take the power of questions to a whole new level and see how they can impact your entire business and success.
  • Become Super Positive If you can harness the power of positivity, you will be able to smash through any challenge. But what's preventing you from doing that? Let me tell you.
  • The Power of Decisions Understanding how to make decisions, fast and often will get you moving forwards. And once you understand the ULTIMATE decision, you'll be flying!!!
  • The Importance of People You are the average of the five people you spend most time with and those people are having a huge influence over your life. Learn how to choose them wisely.
  • The Power of Words is having a huge influence over your life and you probably don't even realise it. Take control of your words and you'll take control over your life.
  • You Are Superman Discover your true potential and remove any limiting believes on this success launching day.

"I recently finished your course and found it excellent. I’m now working with staff who are on-board and now behind the boulder, helping me to drive my business forwards."

Nick Hulme

Business Owner



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This Course is FREE During the Corona Pandemic

Please just indicate whether you're in the accounting industry or not




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